Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to order?

Ans. Please visit online courses section. You may find courses there. Select a course and go for payment.

Q. What is validity period?

Ans. All videos are protected by software which allows videos to run till validity period.

USB 11 class complete course - 3 years validity

Usb 12 class complete courses - 2 years validity

Q. Can I run videos on mobile

Ans. No you may run videos in window based computer /laptop/tablet if you buy USB products. If you buy product via VOD or Mobile it can be viewed on mobile which will be available soon..

Q. What are the modes of payment?

Ans. Modes of Payment.

  • You may pay online through Debit card/Credit card or netbanking.
  • You may pay in installments through credit card.
  • Cash on delivery is also available.

Free delivery is available for online payment but if you chose cash on delivery option you may have to pay extra 5% as delivery charges.

Q. After placing order how many days are taken for order processing?

Ans. Online payment orders are sent within 3 days and cash on delivery are sent within 7 days. As soon as we send product, we will share courier details with you.

You may know order status by calling us at 9719961801

Or send us mail at

Q. How to run usb.

Ans. We will send instruction manual with usb. You have to follow instructions. If you find any difficulty then please call our technical staff at 9719961801. They will guide you.

Q. If usb does not run at all, what will happen.

Ans. In that case, you have to send USB back to us, we will send you corrected one. If by all of our support, USB do not work, we will refund 100 % of amount paid by you.

Q. Do I get any course material?

Ans. You will get question bank and theory in usb. You may print question bank from there.

Q. Tell me more about Atomos Classes courses.

Ans. Our goal is to provide best content from Meerut (UP West), India to students across all over India. These DVD/USB contains class room recordings at Atomos Classes. Though these video lectures are designed to strengthen the concept of chemistry which is helpfull for JEE ADVANCED/AIIMS/JEE-MAIN /NEET/CBSE-ICSE BOARD. Every lecture contains standard illustrations to explain topic and easily understandable theory part so that student may learn subject at his home also.

Q. Tell me more about Atomos Classes faculties.

Ans. All contents of chemistry (Physical, Organic and Inorganic) will be provided by Er. G.K.Singh having more than 11 years teaching experiences. He produced many top iitians and AIIMSonians in past and current Years. He is currently teaching in Meerut, at Atomos Classes which is a best individual chemistry institute in Western U.P

Q. May I ask doubt online?

Ans. Yes

Q. If I want to study in classroom

Ans. In that case you have to come to Meerut (UP West), India as Atomos Classes. Classes are run at only Meerut (UP West), India.

Q. If usb does not run after sometime, what support is provided.

Ans. If any usb/DVD got corrupted during your validity period. You have to send it back to us, we will replace it.

Q. Can I appear in test series also.

Ans. Soon we are going to launch our test series.

Q. After validity period, can I get extra validity.

Ans. Yes but you have to contact us to get extra validity.

Q. After my validity can I use usb for my personal use.

Ans. Yes you may use usb for your personal use after formatting usb.